Purchase Wine

We are sold out of our Summer 2020 Tasting Program, sorry.

If would still like to come and visit us to use our beautiful picnic area and to walk the spectacular Gorge trails, please give me a call. I can probably find a nice chilled bottle of Rosé for you.

Cheers / Eckhard Zeidler 250 256 8000


Yes We Are Open! For the Summer of 2020 we are offering a no touch no contact do-it-yourself wine tasting and visitor experience at Cliff and Gorge. You’ll host your own C&G Wine Tasting for your party at our beautiful licensed picnic area under the shade of the giant Siberian Elms (do bring your own picnic, cheese platter or whatever!). You are free to explore the vineyards and Texas Creek Ranch trails after your tasting.

The picnic area and trails are yours for 2 1/2 hours. There will be no other visitors here.

Eckhard Zeidler

How it works

  1. Daily visit appointments are at 10am 1pm and 4pm. Check with me if you want a different time and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you.
  2. Enter your contact info and wishes on the contact form on the home page or call me at 250 256 8000.
  3. We’ll confirm a day and time and how many glasses your party will need.
  4. Purchase your C&G Tasting Kit in advance below for $60 plus taxes. We accept INTERAC transfers and credit cards (which is ideal if you decide to order wine to take home with you)
  5. Your C&G Tasting Kit will be waiting for you when you arrive. Enjoy your visit. If you wish to purchase more wine call me, we’ll arrange a credit card payment (or I will have it on file already) and the wine will be at your vehicle prior to your departure.

What the C&G Tasting Kit includes

  • 3 bottles of our 2019 wines. Peasant wine Rosé, Petite Milo White and Maréchal Foch Red.
  • A Cliff and Gorge corkscrew.
  •  A Vacu-Vin wine preserver with 3 vacuum lids (wonderful product, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one earlier) so you can take unconsumed wine with you.
  • Acrylic stemless wine glasses to take with you or recycle here.
  • A map of the trails should you wish to experience the spectacular Gorge Rim walks.

Purchase wine to take home with you

For 2020 we have 3 wines available: Peasant wine Rosé, Petite Milo White and Maréchal Foch Red. Call or text me during your visit:

250 256 8000

and the wine will be at your vehicle for your departure.


2019 Maréchal Foch $17.00 plus tax SOLD OUT



2019 Petite Milo White $16.00 plus tax SOLD OUT


2019 Peasant Wine Rosé $15.00 plus tax SOLD OUT